MORA 2 [2013-2015] english

MORA [2] Proposal for technological innovation to social housing: units of low cost from the viewpoint of flexibility

[Institutes] Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and Design (FAUeD)
[Period] 2013 – 2015
[Financing] PIBIT/CNPq Nº 03/ 2013, PROGRAD/DIREN No 01/2013, PIBITI/CNPq] Edital Nº 03/2014 – 01/08/2014 a 31/07/2015
[Resume] This research is the continuation of the research project titled MORA [1] development, construction and examination of housing units of low cost under the flexibility’s optic 1. It is about the elaboration of a project proposal of housing unit destined for families with an income range of 0 to 3 minimum wages, which principal concept is technological innovation through flexibility in its broader meaning: spatial – functional, of the constitutive elements, of materials and system’s sustainability. The research emphasizes the relevance of post- occupancy evaluation as a guiding of the whole Project development process in a way to attend in a more complete and intense manner to the demands of the residents/ users. 

The work methodology was based on the followings approaches: (i) structure the architectonic project development in the following aspects: form, function, materiality, sustainability and furniture; (ii) systematize the information collected in previous phases; (iii) research materials and technologies adequate to the conceptual solutions proposed; (iv) discuss the Project process, its phases and content, inserting POE (Post-Occupancy Evaluation) as a continuous and uninterrupted information methodology; (v) insert in the project process the continuous use of tridimensional models; (vi) insert in the project process the participation of possible users; (vii) collect data and information about experiences of Social Housing in a construction phase or already constructed in other cities.

The results of this research aim to contribute to the actual discussion about the quality of social housing units production at an opportune moment, as the Federal Government, with the intuit of decreasing the Brazilian housing deficit, has disposed of the programme MINHA CASA, MINHA VIDA. In this manner, it seeks the prediction of results availability for society and managers of public politics, through disclosure of the solutions proposed.

Prof.ª Dr.ª Simone Barbosa Villa- Coordinator
Prof.º Ms. Juliano Cecílio Oliveira – Advisor
Prof.ª Ms. Rita de Cássia Pereira Saramago – Advisor

Paula Barcelos Vasconcelos – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Gabriela de Oliveira Bertuluci – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Hugo Moreira Neves – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Geovanna Moreira de Araújo – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Talita Rodrigues Pereira – Master Student PPGAU-FAUeD

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