[Institutes] Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and Design (FAUeD) and Geography Institute (IG) – Federal University of Uberlândia
[Period] 2012 – 2014
[Financing] UNIVERSAL DEMAND MCTI /CNPQ /MEC/CAPES Nº 18/2012 12/2012- 12/2014
[Resume] The main objective of this research is to make a diagnosis of the spatial and environmental quality of apartment buildings destined to the medium class and released by the real estate market in Brazilian medium cities (Ribeirão Preto – SP and Uberlândia – MG). This analysis will be mainly grounded through the application of post-occupancy evaluation methods in relation to the building functional and environmental aspects.

It tests and validates a POE method of the dwelling space, developed in previous research (VILLA, 2008; VILLA e SILVA, 2010), that deepens into the question related to functionality – identifying ways of living, necessities, actions and users desires. Enlarges the POE method initially developed to englobe questions related to the sustainability of the analysed buildings, verifying the efficiency of the sustainability strategies adopted along with the users and identifying the real necessities of these users in what it refers to the building environmental quality.

Having at sight the crescent importance acquired by the questions concerning the sustainability of the built environment, this work also pretends to identify the presence of sustainable strategies on the undertakings studied in diverse spheres – social, economic, cultural and environmental. The intuit of this approach is both to trace a panorama of the debate’s reach about the sustainable development of the sector and to identify – by consulting the users – the advantages and difficulties associated with the implementation of project strategies that seek the sustainability of the apartment buildings.

For the realisation of the survey and analysis of the apartment building’s production since the years 2000 in the cities Ribeirão Preto and Uberlândia, methodologically this research is structured in: (i) analysis of the main typologies commonly offered, appointing Project patterns; (ii) identification and analysis of the steps of the project undertaking process; (iii) exam of the sustainability strategies definition and implantation process in the planning and construction phases of the undertaking; (iv) enlargement of the evaluative method to englobe questions related to the sustainability of the analysed buildings, verifying the efficiency of the sustainability strategies adopted together with the users and identifying the real their necessities in what it refers the building’s environmental quality aspects; (v) application of an evaluative method of the housing quality that can retro-feed future projects, focusing on the functional aspects and the housing environmental quality; (vi) elaboration of a comparative frame of the real state production, discussing the revision possibilities of the actual project process put in practice by the public and private real estate agents.

This work considers the hypothesis that the Project quality tends to improve through the montage and observation, by the architects, public and private real state agents, by database provided through post-occupancy evaluation, of the information related to the manners and ways of living of families. It discusses the capacity of the architectonic programming of guaranteeing the refeeding of projects by the consideration of the information raised at the POEs.

Profª Drª Simone Barbosa Villa – Coordinator -FAUeD/UFU
Profª Ms Rita de Cássia Pereira Saramago – Advisor -FAUeD/UFU
Profª Drª Beatriz Ribeiro Soares – Advisor (Geography Institute)
Profª Dr.ª Elza Cristina Santos – Advisor -FAUeD/UFU
Rafaela Nunes Mendonça – Postgraduate – PPGAU-FAUeD/UFU
Laiza da Cunha Alexandre – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Raisa Gonçalves Pires – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Caio Augusto Alves Silva – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Larissa Carvalho Arantes – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Eduardo Franklin Almeida Bezzon – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Diogo Costa Nascimento – Undergraduate IG/UFU
Alessandra Pantaleão Dirschel – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Ana Carolina da Silva- Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Maria Júlia de Almeida Paulino- Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Camila Cristina Marçal Cardoso.- Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU

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