Strategies [IN THE PALM OF THE HANDS] for healthy and resilient homes

Strategies [IN THE PALM OF THE HANDS] for healthy and resilient homes

[Institutes] Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and Design (FAUeD) and Faculty of Computer Science (FACOM) – Federal University of Uberlândia
[Period] 2022 (5 months)
[Financing] CAU/MG – Architecture and Urbanism Council of Minas Gerais – Public Sponsorship Call Notice No. 001/2021 – TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE MODALITY FOR SOCIAL INTEREST HOUSING

[Abstract] Based on the lessons learned and experience acquired by the [MORA] group over the course of 12 years of research involving housing, it is understood that the action of the architect and urban planner through the provision of technical assistance for social housing evidence-based has never been more relevant. Faced with the urgencies imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and aiming to promote better living conditions for populations in situations of social vulnerability, the project proposal of this work is justified. The objective is to provide a set of practical solutions aimed at expanding the functionality and thermal comfort (including humidity and ventilation) of social housing of the Programe “Minha Casa Minha Vida”, as issues more directly linked to the healthiness of the physical spaces of the house in the face of the coronavirus. It is intended to analyze the spaces of the residences regarding their capacity to absorb the new functional needs (work, study, leisure, hygiene, storage, etc), and regarding the capacity to provide thermally comfortable/adequate conditions. From this localized diagnosis, it is intended to order priorities, prepare and validate a pilot, which is a compilation of practical solutions for carrying out renovations aimed at improving housing in terms of the analyzed aspects (functionality and thermal comfort) in web application format and virtual and physical primers (pilot). This material will later be made available to participating residents with the possibility of using it, through virtual dissemination, for users, service providers and architects and urban planners, residents of bioclimatic zone 4 (same as Uberlândia), interested in carrying out renovations in HIS, aiming at achieving healthier and more resilient housing. The present work proposal is part of the larger institutional research scope developed by the [MORA] group, entitled “[RESILIENTE HOUSE] Design strategies for the promotion of resilience in social housing from post-occupancy assessment methods”, financed by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development – CNPq (Research Productivity Grant – PQ)

[Keywords] social housing; resilience in the built environment; performance appraisal, post-occupancy appraisal; technical assistance

Coordenador: Profª Drª Simone Barbosa Villa– PPGAU-FAUeD-UFU
Prof. Dr. Flávio de Oliveira Silva – PPGCO-FACOM/UFU

Karen Carrer Ruman de Bortoli – Doutoranda PPGEO-IG
Paula Barcelos Vasconcellos – Mestre PPGAU/FAUeD/UFU
Lamonise Vasconcelos Oliveira – Mestranda PPGAU/UFU
Nayara Leonel Miranda – Graduanda FAUeD/UFU
Gabriela Savoldi Barbosa – Graduanda FAUeD/UFU
Gabriel Felipe Vale de Paula – Graduando FACOM/UFU

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