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[Institutes]Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and Design (FAUeD) – Federal University of Uberlândia; Sheffield School of Architecture – University of Sheffield (TUoS), UK.
2017 – 2021
FAPEMIG DEMANDA GERAL (001/2017); Conselho de Arquitetura e Urbanismo de Minas Gerais – CAU-MG/ATHIS Nº 02/2019 – 03/07/2019 a 06/04/2020
This Project will use advanced Coproduction techniques to develop methodological analysis procedures together with Social Housing Development. The analysis will focus on the adaptive and transformative capacities alongside the resilience of the built environment in attendance to the necessities of the residents and the subsequent environmental impact caused by these ongoing transformations. For verification, the methodological procedures developed will be applied to a case study in the city of Uberlândia – Brazil, specifically the undertaking of the governmental programme “Minha Casa, Minha Vida” located in the western area of the city, titled “Shopping Park”. The work of continuing a research already carried out during 2016 by two institutions: the [MORA] housing research of FAUeD / UFU and [People, Environment and Performance] of the SSoA University of Sheffield (TUoS) funded by Santander Research Mobility Awards (January 2016 – £ 4,000). Considering the first phase of the study, this research developed methodologies for post-occupancy evaluation (POE) and Co-production in social housing, focusing on its adaptability and resilience. For verification, the methodological procedures developed were also applied in the same case study in the city of Uberlândia – Brazil entitled “Shopping Park”. The research as a whole will consist of three stages, all of which is the main object of study in the “Shopping Park” neighborhood: (i) Stage 1 – general survey of the area with post-occupation evaluation research (POE) of Co-production activities (2016); (ii) Stage 2 – Co-production focusing on the housing unit of a specific block in the study area (2017); (iii) Stage 3 – continuity of Co-production focusing on the housing unit of a specific block in the study area (2018). This research project deals with stages 2 and 3.

The project supplies bases for the preparation of study, structuring a fundamental partnership between the two institutions. Also, promoting the excellence of investigation and know how through the exchange of knowledge between the two POE and Co-production groups in England and Brazil, including innovative methodologies in the prospection of cultural, environmental, technical and functional aspects of the built environment, particularly look at interdisciplinary aspects through a combination of architecture, social sciences and engineering methods. The aim is, with the results from this research, to make information about social housing development available, identifying aspects to be improved in new projects undertaken by the government with the intent to amplify the adaptive capacity and resilience of the built environment in question. This experiment can promote a real, practical, difference to residents in Brazil and protect the future, providing detailed guidelines for more adaptable, resilient, housing projects in a local context, proven through a study on POE and Co-production. The understanding of different challenges, in both countries, can further help expand the field of knowledge for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students from each institution, through a digital exchange, as well as providing new tools and techniques for housing managers for assisting decision making.

[Keywords] resilience; social housing; post-occupancy evaluation; co-production; sustainability; ways of living.

Coordinator: Profª Drª Simone Barbosa Villa– PPGAU-FAUeD-UFU
Prof. Dr. Fernando Garrefa– PPGAU-FAUeD-UFU
Prof. Drª Elza Cristina Santos – FAUeD-UFU
Prof. Drª Giovanna Teixeira Damis Vital – FAUeD-UFU

[Administrative Technicians]
Aline Ribeiro Souza – FAUeD – Técnico administrativo, Laboratório de Conforto Ambiental e Conservação de Energia. 

Arq. Karen Carrer Ruman de Bortoli – Mestranda PPGAU-FAUeD
Arq. Juliana Silva Arantes – Mestranda PPGAU-FAUeD
Paula Barcelos Vasconcelos – Mestranda PPGAU-FAUeD/UFU
Vanessa Araújo Campelo – Graduanda FAUeD/UFU
Andressa Bachur Lima – Graduanda FAUeD/UFU
Marina Almeida Borges – Graduanda FAUeD/UFU
Amália Souza Engel – Graduanda FAUeD/UFU
Maria Luiza e Silva – Graduanda FAUeD/UFU
Giovanna Rodrigues Messias – Graduanda FAUeD/UFU
Ana Carolina de Oliveira Stefani- Graduanda FAUeD-UFU
Rafaela Rezende de Deus – Graduanda FAUeD-UFU
Íngrid Mendes Segura – Graduanda FAUeD-UFU
Julia Zanetti – Graduanda FAUeD-UFU
Taísa Facciolo da Mota – Graduanda FAUeD-UFU 

[Other partners]
Arq. Msc. Leila Maria Pezzato

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