[Institutes] Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and Design (FAUeD) – Federal University of Uberlândia
[Period] 2012 – 2015 (36 months)
[Financing] PROGRAD/DIREN/UFU No 03/2011 03/2012 a 04/2013 PROGRAD/DIREN/UFU No 01/2013 06/2013 a 03/2014 PROGRAD/DIREN No 01/2014 06/2014 a 03/2015
[Resume] This research deals with the systematisation, organisation and graphic montage of the didactic book titled “LIVING IN APARTMENTS”. The book production aims to reunite in a systematic and graphic way theoretical, methodological questions and formal results about living in apartment buildings discussed in scientific papers and the modules GAU042 – ATELIER OF INTEGRATED PROJECT V AND APT 61 – ATELIER OF VERTICAL HOUSING from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and Design (FAUeD/ UFU). It has as specific objectives the organisation and complementation of the database about apartment buildings typologies in various Brazilian cities (São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Uberlândia, etc.); the graphic treatment of the database images; and to stimulate interdisciplinarity and integration of teaching and research activities in the development process of the undergraduate students of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and Design.
Geral Coordinator: Prof.ª Dr.ª Simone Barbosa Villa – PPGAU/FAUeD/UFU
Caio Augusto Alves Silva – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Larissa Carvalho Arantes – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Julia Sprioli – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Melina Nunes Oliveira – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Maycow Nathan Carvalho Gregório – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Camila Garcia Cavesan – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Ana Carolina Souza – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Pedro Henrique Viana Silva – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Lucas Eduardo Bueno Dantas – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Marina Gonçalves da Rosa – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU

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