[Institutes] Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and Design (FAUeD) – Federal University of Uberlândia
[Period] 2010 – 2012
[Financing] PROPP/UFU Nº 04/2009 2010-2012, PIBIC/FAPEMIG/UFU Nº 18/2009, PIBIC/CNPq/UFU Nº 1/2009, PIBIC- FAPEMIG Nº 07/2011
[Resume] Analysing the spatial quality of projects of apartment buildings built after 2000 in the city of São Paulo by the real state Market, it’s noticeable a certain repetition of housing models in which the domestic aspects seems to be valorized in the projects solution and demonstrates, in general, few preoccupation with the real necessities of the final user, and its ways of living and family groups that are in constant changing. The housing unit types of this buildings are characterized, in the majority of cases, by its restricted areas, mono-functionality, compartmentation and tightness of spaces. Questions like publicity started to split, if not supplant, the architectonic aspects of the buildings produced. This standardized and repaginated housing models offered in the real estate market of São Paulo started to be transplanted to some Brazilian cities of medium port, cooperating to the inadequacy of the diverse and altered ways of living of the residents.

Historically the production of the architectonic object was faced as a linear process, having the construction as its closing. However, the study of the use of the spaces can introduce to the project process a feedback to the professionals, which turned out to restructure it. In this sense becomes evident the definition of the architectonic programme that relates spaces and behaviour, obtained through the works associated with the POE, in which the use is connected directly to the building programme elaboration.

This way, this research has as main objective to dispose of project procedures to obtain spatial quality in apartment buildings destined to the medium class released by the real state market in Brazilian medium cities (Ribeirão Preto – SP, Uberlândia – MG). Such procedures will be mainly disposed along the application of functional post-occupancy evaluation of the buildings.

Methodologically this research is structured in: (i) reflection about the state of art of the apartment housing modality through analysis of the main typologies of apartment buildings commonly offered in the cities studied since 2000, identifying project patterns; (ii) identify and analyse the phases of the project undertaking process of apartment buildings in the cities studied, evaluating the references od the dynamics and the real state paulistan production in its local sphere; (iii) application of evaluative method of the housing quality that can retrofeed future projects, focalizing the functional housing aspects; (iv) elaboration of comparative frame of the real stated production in the cities studied; (v) discuss the possibilities of revision in the actual project process put in practice by the public and private real state agents.

This work considers the hypothesis that the Project quality tends to improve through the montage and observation, by the architects, public and private real state agents, by database provided through post-occupancy evaluation, of the information related to the manners and ways of living of families. It discusses the capacity of the architectonic programming of guaranteeing the refeeding of projects by the consideration of the information raised at the POEs. Finally, it proposes project procedures that can, besides other elements, contribute to the obtaining of spatial quality in apartment buildings, increasing its sustainability,

Profª Drª Simone Barbosa Villa – Coordinator -FAUeD/UFU
Profª Ms. Rita de Cássia Pereira Saramago – Researcher – FAUeD/UFU
Profª Drª Beatriz Ribeiro Soares – Researcher – FAUeD/UFU
Profª Drª Elza Cristina Santos – Researcher – FAUeD/UFU
Audrey Soares Fogaça – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Fabrício Garcez Caetano – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Gabriela Silva Garcia – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Israel Gollino – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Izabela Ilka Medeiros Libera – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Laíta Alves Silva – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Lara Aline Souto Melo – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Marielle Aparecida T. Rocha– Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU
Verônica Anselmo Jorge – Undergraduate FAUeD/UFU

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